16, XX, Philippines

this depression is getting even worse, now i learned how to cut. and every time i cut my self i feel relieved and satisfied. i know this is wrong, but this is what makes me feel better. i wanna be numb, but i can’t. i don’t actually mind this coldness. sadness is like a drug, it is addicting, but it’s something that you don’t want to get addicted to. i’ve been crying and cutting everynight for 2 weeks. 



How could you not know?


How could you not know?

it is when you’re like a drained watertank, 

you know what’s hard? it is when you are totally depressed and no one is out there to ask you if you’re alright, and even if i sing my heart out, all the songs i sing adds more pain inside.

please give me a sign, and a small pack of chocolate candies to ease my self from this sadness

why am i unlucky? why am i depressed? why am i like this?