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Here’s some tips, of course nothing professional, but things I’ve learned myself.

Hope it helps some of you guys. ovo

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Teen quotes

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The first day of class went good, though the curriculum chairwoman said I cannot transfer to another section because we are arranged already, my new classmates are O-K-A-Y, they are all nice, though not all of them are close to me or talking to me, but the whole 8 hours of my stay today in school went greaaaat :)

here we go again

Yep, I started to write again on my tumblr because I feel shit, literally like shit. I wanna flush my self with 5 liters in water, and be mangled, and be dead. I don’t want to be this girl again. I hate depression, I hate seeing people if its not my friends or if its not me. I’d rather be alone. I don’t want to hear any fucking noise. I just want the school year to start so I could see my friends again and go home late (because our class shift is 12-7pm), I want to sleep 24hours straight. I wanna surf the internet for a whole day and talk to internet friends about my depression, because I know how well they could feel my sadness even if we are only communicating through keyboard and screen.


A few pages from my sketchbook, some old some new :)

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